Marty Figo 5 Zoned Cooling Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress


Lay down on this

Marty Figo mattress

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Zipper Cover Hybrid 5 Zone Pocket Spring Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Cooling, Comfortable, Supportive and Fantastic

By combining knitted fabric cover, cooling gel memory foam, transition foam and 5 zone supportive pocket spring, we compile all the best materials to form this luxury sleep dream team. They together greatly relieve pressure points on your head, shoulders, lumbar&hips, knees and legs, no matter you are side, back or stomach sleeper.

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Cover is stitched of different colors of fabric helps mattress to attract your eyes easily. You may never want to leave your bed that surrounded by this beautifully tailored waterfall edge knitted cover. Removable cover is zippered for easy removal and care.

anti-slip mattress

Zipper‘s tap is fixed to avoid being crushed during compression.

Cooling Comfort Layer

airflow mattress
cooling gel mattress

Mattress comes with gel-infused memory foam top layer which can regulate temperature automatically and keep cooling for comfort sleep in the whole night. By offering unparalleled support, memory foam also helps keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep, reducing back aches and pain.

Transition Foam Layer

foam mattress

This transition foam layer plays a dual role by helping the upper cooling gel memory foam comfort layer with pressure relief/lumbar support and helping the bottom support layer with spinal alignment.

5 Zone Pocket Spring System

5 zone mattress
pocket spring mattress

Hundreds of independently encased coils provide equal weight distribution, contouring the curves of your body to relieve pressure point along your body’s five key zones: head & shoulders, back, lumbar & hips, knees and legs.

Reinforce Mattress Edge

hybrid mattresses

This mattress has a perimeter of reinforced springs and foams that stop any edge roll-off and allow you to use full sureface right up to the edge.


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