Marty Figo Natural Latex Memory Foam Mattress

Marty Figo The Premium Mattress 5-layer sleep system consists of high-quality materials latex and memory foam that work in harmony, combining to create the most supportive, comfortable and pressure-relieving mattress we’ve ever made.

  • Good temperature regulation.
  • A little bit firm and offers much more support.
  • All foams used in the mattress are of high quality and have high densities.
  • Exceptionally low motion transfer, making it a brilliant choice for couples.


The perfect combination of

“natural latex and memory foam”

provides you with


point 1

Cooling TENCEL Knitted Cover

Natural Latex Memory Foam Mattress

foam mattress
top mattress
foam mattresses

point 2

Silky Touch Cooling Tencel Knitted Cover

Soft and silky natural Tencel knitted fabric creates a

breathable air layer at the top of the mattress.

cooling mattress

point 3

Breathable Natural Latex Comfort Layer

Natural Latex is very soft and elastic, designed for

‘breathability’ with an open cell structure; special

‘pin core’ construction allows for ventilation of

body heat and wicks away moisture

natural latex mattress

point 4

Memory Foam Transition Layer

Memory foam and natural latex back support structure

improves pressure distribution and lower back support

 so you can sleep in any position with targeted spinal

support for a comfortable night’s sleep.

natural latex mattressed

point 5

High-Density Foam Support Layer

High-density base support foam layer provides surrounding

support and responsive relief that helps evenly distribute

pressure points in any sleeping position.

memory foam mattress

point 6

Antislip Bottom Fabric

Bottom antislip fabric holds the mattress tightly

on the foundation. Get a restful night’s

sleep without sliding and slipping.

memory foam mattresses

* Another Optional Structure *

point 1

Zoned Memory Foam Comfort Layer

On the top is a comfortable layer of high-density zoned

memory foam. Whether you sleep on the head or feet

of the mattress, your entire body can enjoy the

cradling support.

zoned mattress
zoned mattresses

point 2

Adjustable Foam Support Layer

The slot at the bottom support foam is specially designed for

the adjustable electric bed. The foam will not be damaged

by the rise or fall of the special-adjustable bed.

zone mattress

* more detials *

zone mattresses
latex mattress
latex mattresses
mattress factory
mattresses factory

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