Marty Figo Waterproof Cover 5 Zone Hybrid Mattress for Hotel


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natural latex mattress

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Anti-pilling Waterproof Cover Natural Latex Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

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Anti-pilling Waterproof Knitted Fabric

The surface of the fabric is treated with anti-pilling, and it will not pill after long-term use. Waterproof fabric is more suitable for hotel use.

waterproof cover mattress

Plush Comfort Quilting Layer

3 different material layers are quilted into the top knitted fabric for top-notch comfort you’ll find hard to believe.

hotel mattress

5 Zoned Foam Transition Layer

5 zoned design contours the curves of your body to relieve pressure point along your body’s five key zones: head & shoulders, back, lumbar & hips, knees and legs.

5 zone mattress

Individual Pocket Spring Support Layer

The support base consists of individual wrapped coils designed to minimize friction and maximize support. It reduces the sensation of movement on a mattress and provides contouring comfort.

pocket spring mattress

Breathable Bottom Quilting

High density foam layer quilted into 3D fabric which not only provides sturdy bottom, but also facilitates air flow.

airflow mattress

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hybrid mattress

Corner thickened foam design is not only beautiful but also prevents bumps.

Straight edge. Good quality is reflected in all the details

spring mattress
mattress for hotel

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5 star hotel mattress

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